Grazia Dharmini MA International Relations, second MA Ethics of Peace, Law and Environmental Health Education( Hons) from the University of Bari, and she is studying a third MA Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation, she is carrying out her internship in Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation at IKOS ageform in Bari.

Grazia is a Coach Omega, Oracle Coach, Remote chi practictioner, Christallin practictioner, Kriya Yogini, Sanskrit teacher, Harmonic Chants teacher and as well as Yoga Meditation teacher,  traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, the traditional yoga path of Patanjali. Grazia is Yoga teacher trainer at  RYT200, RYT300 and RYT500 levels, courses are recognized by Yoga Grazia has taught at high schools and at the university. She is kriya yogini, she has achieved all 4 levels of Kriya Yoga at Ananda Village in California from Paramahansa Yogananda lineage and from Shibendu Lahiri in Chennai in India.

From childhood Grazia was searching for answers to her spiritual questions; after some phases of life she decided to join a university course at Ananda Village in California called EFL Teacher Training (Education For Life), Afterwards she traveled in India seeking sages enlightened beings. She has been practicing yoga for over thirty years; she started with pranayama and meditation at the age of thirteen. Teaching traditional yoga is her mission. She strives to provide a friendly, peaceful and compassionate environment for the integration of body, mind and spirit, to connect with the real self  through the practice of yoga; her classes are designed for everyone, where beginners and continuing students practice hatha yoga postures and the foundations of yoga. She feels privileged to be able to empower students to balance mind and body through asanas, alignment, controlled breathing, and calming the mind through Nada Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kabbalah meditation and Omkar chanting relaxation. Grazia attended the first course of yoga teacher training at Sai Yoga Center in Rishikesh with Yogi Sandeep. She then proceeded to study at the University of Bangalore and with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy. She is qualified to teach Yoga Teacher Training Courses recognized by Yoga Alliance RYT200 and RYT300 and Yoga for children teacher trainings. She is certified Omega Health Coach by Joy and Roy Martina and she attended Matrix Energetics, a course with Dr. Richard Bartlet and Melissa Joy. In Rishikiesh she attained a Reiki Masters degree studying under Sri Ma Rikta Shanti Sigrid Rubens, who has direct lineage from Usui. She received a certificate from Sanskrit Academy in Bangalore, Academy founded by Dr. Sarasvati Mohan, the first woman in India to receive a Ph.D. in Sanskrit. Grazia is a Sanskrit student at Bharati Samskrtam.

Her goal is to create, with a group of like-minded people, a new education system to allow children to stay connected with the right hemisphere of the brain. This idea does not mean that they should be disconnected from the material world we perceive through the senses; it will give them the possibility and the ability to recognize and to remember that the material world is not the only reality. The new education system will give children the opportunity to be in a suitable environment in which to learn how to live life without forgetting their real selves as souls who come in a material world  to experience it  and that  the real self is only Love.
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